digital printing

The digital printing department is based on the development of projects (designed inside the company or on customers’ specific request) by the specialized technical staff of the graphic department.

Thanks to the large digital machines available it is possible to make prints on any type of leather and also on different materials such as fabrics, PVC etc., both in all over on large surfaces and on printed fabric for blanks and uppers, always guaranteeing a high production capacity.

Two printing technologies can be used:

UV LED PRINT: It has been developed for finished media, it uses inks that are fixed on surfaces with UV LED light without heat emissions. The no VOC technology therefore represents an ecological printing solution.

ACID PRINT: Used on all soaked surfaces, such as crust, nubuck or velur. The colors penetrate the material and leave leather’s natural touch.

We offer graphic and management assistance and we ensure the service of fixing blanks and uppers on request.