Embossed Leather & Hides

The hot stamping process consists in impressing any design required on the leather, as well as on fabrics and PVC. The machines used are large PRESSES both as a work surface and as an engraving power. The huge stock of PLATES allows us to satisfy requests in each design category such as:

• dermal reproduction of cattle, sheep, goats, crocodiles, lizards, ostriches, fish etc;

• geometric designs;

• floral designs;

• Woven designs;

• reverse designs for tip painted and / or sanding articles;

• multiple combinations of plates-felts-counter-molds.

The highest quality of leather printing is guaranteed.

The specialized staff carries out continuous checks to ensure that the leather we process is qualitatively perfect.

Particular attention is paid to the search for new processes in close collaboration with stylists and model makers for the creation of prototypes, clichés and plaques. All this is done INTERNALLY and EXCLUSIVELY for each customer.